April 26, 2022

April 26, 2022

937 Ӱԭ students will graduate with the UA Scholars
Award distinction

Ӱԭ’s graduating high school class of 2022 includes 937 students designated for the prestigious UA Scholars Award. Members of the cohort hail from 238 high schools in communities ranging from Akiachak to Yakutat.

Each year, high school officials in Ӱԭ identify the top ten percent of the graduating class for the UA Scholars Award - meaning they are some of the top academic achievers in the state. This designation includes a $12,000 scholarship for use at the University of Ӱԭ’s three institutions, UAA, Ӱԭ, or UAS, and their 13 community campuses. 

“We honor and celebrate UA Scholars in the class of 2022 on their upcoming graduation from high school,” said Lael Oldmixon, the program’s executive director. “This cohort represents some of Ӱԭ’s best and brightest minds. Through them, Ӱԭ will remain strong and ready for whatever the future holds. Our universities are poised and ready to accept them as students and partners in creating the life they want in a state they love.” 

UA Scholars receive the $12,000 scholarship in $1,500 payments over eight semesters. This scholarship can be used in conjunction with other types of scholarships and financial aid like the Ӱԭ Performance Scholarship.

Once enrolled, UA Scholars have the flexibility to take two semesters off for any reason, including before they start attending the university. “This gives them the opportunity to travel, go on service trips, take a lighter credit load, attend to family business, or explore other opportunities,” Oldmixon explained. 

While the award is specific to programs in the University of Ӱԭ system, students can use the funds to Study Away (abroad or through National Student Exchange). “It’s a great way for students to explore outside of Ӱԭ while paying in-state rates,” Oldmixon said. 

UA Scholars are offered a free application for admission, which they must submit by May 1, 2022, to secure the $12,000 scholarship. Admissions counselors from UAA, Ӱԭ, and UAS offer assistance through weekly virtual “office hours” to answer questions for UA Scholars, their parents, and Ӱԭ guidance counselors through April 30. Meeting days and times vary by campus. A complete list can be found at alaska.edu/scholars.  

The scholarships are funded by the University of Ӱԭ Land Grant Trust Fund. This endowment receives revenue from property sales and resource development conducted on Trust lands. Many UA Scholars also qualify for the Ӱԭ Performance Scholarship and UA Foundation scholarships which are separately funded and managed programs. 

The University of Ӱԭ established the UA Scholars Award in 1999 to encourage Ӱԭ students to attend and graduate from college in their home state. It is designed to provide an incentive for secondary school students to achieve academic excellence,  nourish efforts to provide high-quality education, and encourage high school graduates from every Ӱԭ community to seriously consider the opportunities that the University of Ӱԭ system offers.

“Choosing to use the UA Scholars Award to attend the University of Ӱԭ Fairbanks allowed me to obtain a high-quality education at a more affordable price. Ӱԭ equipped me with the tools and research experiences I needed to pursue my medical degree through the University of Washington Ӱԭ WWAMI program at UAA,” said Alyssa (Weaver) Wells, MD (Ӱԭ ‘16).

Congratulations, UA Scholars, on your hard work and this incredible opportunity!” 

A complete list of the class of 2022 UA Scholars will be printed and inserted in Ӱԭ newspapers on May 8, 2022. Learn more at .

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For more information or to request an interview, please contact Lael Oldmixon, lmoldmixon@alaska.edu, 907-450-8115.