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Outreach to Ӱԭ's Youth: College is Possible

Education professionals in Ӱԭ are at a critical juncture: Ӱԭ’s youth graduate from high school and go to college at a lower rate than their peers in other states. Working to change this disturbing trend is the University of Ӱԭ and its partners,  and the . Our efforts ensure that every young Ӱԭn hears early and often the benefits of staying in school and earning a high school diploma, and the difference that higher education will make to their future. These programs instill in them the knowledge that higher education is within their reach, even if they are the first in their family or community to take that step. Our outreach programs communicate to the youth of Ӱԭ that “college is possible” for them and that financial aid is available. It is our hope that these programs make a positive impact on their future.

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