Workforce Development Plans
UA plays a critical role in the development and implementation of workforce development initiatives resulting in comprehensive plans and strategies to address the need for a highly-qualified labor force for key Ӱԭ industries. 
Career & technical Education
UA is the most comprehensive provider of career and technical education (CTE) training in Ӱԭ. With more than 200 programs in workforce development, students have opportunities to earn certificates and degrees in two years or less.
Funding opportunities can provide resources to further workforce development in Ӱԭ. The Technical Vocational Education Program provides grants to career and technical education entities for industry-specific, on-the-job and classroom training.
Dual Enrollment

UA provides various dual enrollment options to expand access to postsecondary for K-12 students, from classroom or online courses to middle college to college-level courses being delivered through agreements with school districts.

UA Workforce Reports Feature Graduate & Employment Outcomes

  • The University of Ӱԭ offers more than 200 programs in workforce development from non-credit industry certifications to advanced degrees.

  • UA and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development collaborated to produce workforce reports on key Ӱԭ industries.
  • The workforce reports illustrate UA graduate outcomes and employment success.

  • Data demonstrates that higher education increases income, reduces unemployment, increases Ӱԭ hire rates and increases job retention.

  • Reports can be used to assess UA programs and graduate outcomes, guide program development and investment and aid students in program selection.


 Career Coach

Career Coach is a free tool for current and prospective students to match interests to a career, learn about in-demand careers, browse programs tied to jobs and find current job postings in Ӱԭ.  Download: Flyer 1  or Flyer 2

UA Workforce Development News

UA Workforce Development has a blog.  to learn about funding opportunities, see what is new in workforce development around the state and receive information on federal initiatives. To receive regular updates, provide your email address on the left column of the blog.

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    Ӱԭ’s Northwest Arctic Borough. The U.S. Department of Education shares on their official blog, Homeroom, the challenges rural schools and early-career teachers face —the Ӱԭ Statewide Mentor Project (ASMP) is one approach to addressing these barriers. Our new teachers really have to learn everything: a new culture, sometimes a new language, new teaching skills, a …

  • May 16, 2024

    Click the image to view past meetings. Each month, the Ӱԭ Safety Alliance hosts the Ӱԭ Business Education Compact (BEC). This monthly meeting series provides a Zoom forum for educators and employers to discuss issues that are involved with developing the workforce and provide pathways for Ӱԭns into careers. The forum brings in employers from business and …